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Our Clothing Philosophy expresses this poem. What do you find in it for yourself?

Body silence

goes springy and slow
through the sleeping body
the powerful movement of regenerated tissues

having weight takes courage
having a heart takes courage
having a spine takes courage

when body is silent it also speaks
when the Body runs it also looks

„oh you who revealed Body to me,
you wonderful dumb animal”

a reference to the work of Maria Komornicka, pseudonym Piotr Odmieniec Włast

Mona Rena autorska pracownia krawiecka

The Movement Begins

MONA RENA brand has its ∑ beginning near the sea, in Gdansk. I am a graduate of philosophy and cultural studies with a diploma in clothing technology. It is the philosophical reflection with a special sensitivity to art that gave birth to clothes which are made to ask questions and which allow the body to move freely. The seam agrees with the line of the vagus nerve along the spine. The clothes conform to the lines of the body’s interior. Inspired by the thought of Henri Bergson, Friedrich Nietzsche, and Neal Shusterman, I am moving towards designing somatic clothing. Clothing has been a passion of mine since I was young.

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I’ve always walked around wearing clothes that I’ve carefully chosen, I’ve also paid attention to how people move in clothes, what they wear and why they wear it. I started making clothes in 2016 out of concern for myself. I started sewing clothes, stage costumes, and experimenting. I realized some time ago that I don’t want to sew so called clothes, more tailoring forms. In my perception we don’t wear jackets. We wear something that wraps around skin on our backs. While dealing with classic garment cuts, I add my own understanding of these forms. The result is original solutions: snuffles, various modules, futuristic jumpers and others available in the online store. (link) In my tailoring projects I rely on changing the classical dogma and create my own original solutions. This brand was created to redefine this terms: jacket, jumper, body.


Clothing is the most intimate thing to the human body. „Closer is the shirt to the body than the gown.” MONA RENA’s clothes are meant to remind us of feeling through the conscious body. I want to empower people who wear clothes in their own self-confidence and self-awareness. I believe that clothes have a special impact on the comfort of life. In my family, women used to sew and this art of craftsmanship also came to my hands. In the WY (YOU) section page, you can meet the people I have been fortunate to dress. This brand was created to re-dress people and their bodies with clothes full of comfort and individual character.


MONA RENA brand was created to respond through clothing to the needs of the body in constant motion. The body knows, the body understands, the body can lead. I – the Body. We are in every gesture with which we move. In MONA RENA clothes the tailor’s construction, the choice of intriguing materials (breaking stereotypes), finishing details and precision come to the fore. MONA RENA clothing liberates from rigid, ready-made notions and creates concepts different from those we usually use. Why shouldn’t pants have sleeves? MONA RENA invites you to a moving, changing, colourful and living unity in your body.

Without a sense of contact with the body, one loses grounding in reality.

Wear your next movement

The brand MONA RENA questions the statement that the body is only a vessel for the soul. Perhaps Body is the soul’s extension? Therefore, the clothing you will find here is for the body, for you. There are no trends in it, there is an emphasis on the wearer’s individual personality attributes.

What do you feel under your feet when you walk?
How do you feel pressure on the ground when you run.
Which of your movements are automatic and which are slow?
Movement and change connect you to each planet you arrive on.


Natural dyeing of fabrics, recycled materials, clothes sewn with perforations that allow skin-to-skin contact in accordance with the idea of „skin close to skin”. Each garment is made as a unique piece, dedicated to the person who will wear it. Repairing clothes and giving them another life. Slow craft, fixing fashion, zero waste, circularities. I propose a style of work in which the most important thing is the person who wears the clothes; an individual project.

Mona Rena autorska pracownia krawiecka


Functional clothing, visionary clothing, experimental clothing. MONA RENA wants to tell a new story about clothing. The online store is divided into the following categories: tops, bottoms, onepieces, modules, TABAKURY, experimentals.

„Look at the orientation of your mind (body) at any moment: you will see that it is concerned with what is, but with an eye to what is meant to be.”
Henri Bergson

Experience body

MONA RENA calls for a return to the rituals of clothing. The source of feeling pleasure from what you wear, what you discover your body with. You feel the clothes through your skin. The hands can actively seek, quietly wait. The inner layers of the body can grow in their potential. We live as free bodies. In this store we give our bodies space to respect, to observe, to regenerate. How do you feel your body? We leave you with a question.


„Life without music would be a mistake,” said Friedrich Nietzsche. In the MONA RENA studio, it is often the music that builds the inspiring weaves, seams and cuts. On this website you will find a link to SPOTIFY, a list of musical pieces that tell stories about the feeling body, and moving hadrons in tissues.

Last but not least

The creators responsible for the cocreation of this website:
Texts and clothing Mona Rena Górska
Lookbook Sandra Żyłka
Photography Celina Przyklęk
Acting Dorota Ptaszek
Assistance Horse Demokrata, led by Karolina Naruszewicz
Visual identity Ada Zielińska
Text editing Agnieszka Krutysz
Website Kompot Studio Magda Hamera
Webdev fus&schuss Marcin Fus